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The Grand Unveiling

October 07, 2014

The time has finally come: our new line of fair trade, organic, American-made tops are now available for purchase online! We are thrilled to unveil these two new tops because they truly represent our values and evolution as a company. From organic cotton to small-scale Nashville production, t-615's new collection is a beautiful example of the "farm-to-apparel" movement. Are these tops more expensive than our debut line? Yes. But we hope you'll be proud to pay a bit more for excellent quality, sustainability, innovative design, and perhaps most importantly, accountability - our customers can trace their t-615 tops all the way back to the cotton seed!

And now, without further ado, let's meet the new members of the t-615 family, shall we? Here they are...



The Primrose

What It's Made Of: Soft, undyed, unbleached, American-grown, 100% organic cotton. 

Why We Love It: We scoured the country to find fabric, mills, and designers that shared not only our creative vision, but our values. The result? A high quality top in a beautiful, feminine shape that reminds us why all that hard work was worth it.

Why You'll Love It: Its swirly hem will make you feel like a ballerina (no tutu required!), and you'll be surprised at how it effortlessly dresses up everything in your wardrobe, from boyfriend jeans to pencil skirts. 

Where To Wear It: Date nights, concerts, work, girls' nights, art museums, antiquing, brunch with friends. 

Buy It Here



The Blair

What It's Made Of: Soft, undyed, unbleached, American-grown, 100% organic cotton. 

Why We Love It: Because we're proud to have created a not-so-basic basic, an unexpected wardrobe staple that goes with everything and will hold up to <i>years</i> of wear.

Why You'll Love It: The Blair top will instantly eliminate the phrase "I have nothing to wear!" from your vocabulary. Its flattering shape and versatile style will quickly make it an MVP of your closet for all four seasons and countless activities. 

Where To Wear It: Weekend road trips, farmer's markets, coffee dates, football games, - the list goes on and on!

Buy It Here

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