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t-615 + Hey Rooster = A Match Made In Heaven

November 05, 2014

We could talk for hours about the organic cotton we use to make our tops, how soft it feels, how durable it is. We could write hundreds of words about the way our shirts can easily be dressed up or down, how they magically complete any outfit. We could show you the gorgeous photos we have up in our online shop, so you could see the color of the natural, undyed, unbleached cotton that flatters every skintone, and how these tops fit like a dream.

And we probably will do that, because we're really, really proud of these shirts. But now there's a much easier way for you to get acquainted with the new t-615 tops.

Go try one on! 

We are thrilled to announce that t-615 tops are now available for purchase at Hey Rooster General Store in East Nashville. We've been big fans of this charming general store off Gallatin Road for quite some time, so you can imagine our excitement to see our tops hanging in the brand new clothing section upstairs. We're in great company, surrounded by select pieces from other independent designers, all made by hand with creativity and love. It's basically an ethical fashion party up there, and everyone's invited.

So head over to Hey Rooster and see these tops we can't stop talking about. Touch the cotton for yourself. Try on both styles. Decide definitively whether you're a Blair or a Primrose kind of girl (or both?). And if you end up buying one, feel good knowing that you're supporting not one, but two local companies that are committed to beautiful, ethical, handmade goods.

Thanks to Hey Rooster for making it easier than ever to buy local, buy handmade, and shop from the heart.

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