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We're Part of Something Big This Summer!

June 24, 2016 1 Comment

Causebox subscription box items

We are overjoyed to welcome 4,500 more BRANDEDs to the family!!! For seven weeks in April and May, we worked tirelessly to fulfill our biggest order yet. We employed seven extraordinary survivors up to three days a week and worked with 14 incredible volunteers to create over 4,500 cuffs. 

Now the exciting news is here...


We could not be more proud to be a part of this exciting initiative. CAUSEBOX is a quarterly ethical subscription box. Order one box and inside you will find eight amazing products made by companies with ethical missions. Seriously, get one! You'll be thrilled with what you find. It's a treasure box and we are so humbled to be one of the treasures inside. 

Thank you, CAUSEBOX! Thank you to all our buyers and survivors who make extraordinary days like this one possible.

And thank you to all our new BRANDEDs!  We welcome you all to our mission, our movement, and our FAMILY. 

Here we are... Over 10,000 strong! ONWARD.


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November 21, 2016

Hey!! I really love you work and your concept this is so amazing! My name is Hope and I was wondering if maybe you could make some rings? Or if you ever had made rings? Thank you!

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