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Q&A with Good Goods

We're thrilled to have recently been featured on the Good Goods blog created by fellow Nashvillian, Cayla Mackey. The site is a great place to find a PETA-approved catalogue of ethical goods that are vegan, fair trade and sustainable (including yours truly!). Check out the blog post below:

We recently had the opportunity to chat with one of the founders of t-615, Emily Landham. She and co-founder Lauren Carpenter create organic cotton shirts and recycled cuffs that raise awareness and funds for human trafficking in Nashville. 

Emily Landham, co-founder of t-615, Nashville-based ethical fashion company

Emily Landham, co-founder of t-615, Nashville-based ethical fashion company

Q: What led you to be involved in fashion?

A: I have a love of a clothes and a love of wearing things that not only look good and feel good but in their very essence are good.

Q: Why did you want to start an ethical fashion brand?

A: Clothes are fun, but they can also be harmful. We wanted to create clothing that is both fun and ethical.

Q: How did you start t-615?

A: We started t-615 after a long hike in the woods talking about dreams. We decided to start something that gave back to victims of human trafficking in our home town of Nashville. With t-615, we wanted to start more than a fashion line - we wanted to create a tribute, a tribe committed to ethical fashion and radical generosity. 

Q: Why do you care so much about where materials are sourced from?

A: I care about where materials come from because to choose to not know is to take an enormous ethical risk. There is little transparency in the making of modern day clothes unless you seek it out. When companies are not held accountable for their process, their process often goes awry. 

Q: Describe the life cycle of a shirt and bracelet, from raw material origin to the wearer.

A: For our tops, the journey starts on an organic cotton field in Texas. The cotton is harvested and then travels to North Carolina where it is milled into fabric. We then order the fabric and  have it shipped to Nashville, where our designers turn it into our shirts by hand. For our jewelry, we order up-cycled American-mined metals from a family-owned company in Arizona. We use this source because we want to keep things as close to home as possible. U.S. companies are held to a labor-law standard we prefer to other overseas companies with less-protected workers.

All t-615 products are made by hand in Nashville, Tennessee.

Q: What is your hope with t-615?

A: This year we have very high hopes for t-615. We are retiring the clothing line to focus solely on our BRANDED Collection of cuffs. This collection most directly impacts Nashville’s community of sex-trafficking survivors. In order to deepen our involvement with these young women, we are starting an internship program specifically geared toward helping them gain employment skills. In our internship program, they will receive training on how to make our jewelry and assist in the running of the company. 

Q: Describe a single transformative moment that you've had with t-615.

A: The first time I held one of our tops in my hands stands out to me as a transformative moment. There's such a physical and emotional difference between one of our tops and a $6 top from a chain store. You can feel the work, time, and skill that goes into our clothing as opposed to most of the clothes we buy. Cheap and easy on the buyer’s side likely means corruption on the production side.

Q: What is a new favorite item you're recently discovered on Good Goods?

A: This Constance Dress by Reformation is amazing. I haven't bought it yet, but I should very much like too if my life takes me to fancy places. The white version of this style is possibly the best wedding dress ever!

March 16, 2015


t-615 + Hey Rooster = A Match Made In Heaven

We could talk for hours about the organic cotton we use to make our tops, how soft it feels, how durable it is. We could write hundreds of words about the way our shirts can easily be dressed up or down, how they magically complete any outfit. We could show you the gorgeous photos we have up in our online shop, so you could see the color of the natural, undyed, unbleached cotton that flatters every skintone, and how these tops fit like a dream.

And we probably will do that, because we're really, really proud of these shirts. But now there's a much easier way for you to get acquainted with the new t-615 tops.

Go try one on! 

We are thrilled to announce that t-615 tops are now available for purchase at Hey Rooster General Store in East Nashville. We've been big fans of this charming general store off Gallatin Road for quite some time, so you can imagine our excitement to see our tops hanging in the brand new clothing section upstairs. We're in great company, surrounded by select pieces from other independent designers, all made by hand with creativity and love. It's basically an ethical fashion party up there, and everyone's invited.

So head over to Hey Rooster and see these tops we can't stop talking about. Touch the cotton for yourself. Try on both styles. Decide definitively whether you're a Blair or a Primrose kind of girl (or both?). And if you end up buying one, feel good knowing that you're supporting not one, but two local companies that are committed to beautiful, ethical, handmade goods.

Thanks to Hey Rooster for making it easier than ever to buy local, buy handmade, and shop from the heart.

November 05, 2014


The Grand Unveiling

The time has finally come: our new line of fair trade, organic, American-made tops are now available for purchase online! We are thrilled to unveil these two new tops because they truly represent our values and evolution as a company. From organic cotton to small-scale Nashville production, t-615's new collection is a beautiful example of the "farm-to-apparel" movement. Are these tops more expensive than our debut line? Yes. But we hope you'll be proud to pay a bit more for excellent quality, sustainability, innovative design, and perhaps most importantly, accountability - our customers can trace their t-615 tops all the way back to the cotton seed!

And now, without further ado, let's meet the new members of the t-615 family, shall we? Here they are...



The Primrose

What It's Made Of: Soft, undyed, unbleached, American-grown, 100% organic cotton. 

Why We Love It: We scoured the country to find fabric, mills, and designers that shared not only our creative vision, but our values. The result? A high quality top in a beautiful, feminine shape that reminds us why all that hard work was worth it.

Why You'll Love It: Its swirly hem will make you feel like a ballerina (no tutu required!), and you'll be surprised at how it effortlessly dresses up everything in your wardrobe, from boyfriend jeans to pencil skirts. 

Where To Wear It: Date nights, concerts, work, girls' nights, art museums, antiquing, brunch with friends. 

Buy It Here



The Blair

What It's Made Of: Soft, undyed, unbleached, American-grown, 100% organic cotton. 

Why We Love It: Because we're proud to have created a not-so-basic basic, an unexpected wardrobe staple that goes with everything and will hold up to <i>years</i> of wear.

Why You'll Love It: The Blair top will instantly eliminate the phrase "I have nothing to wear!" from your vocabulary. Its flattering shape and versatile style will quickly make it an MVP of your closet for all four seasons and countless activities. 

Where To Wear It: Weekend road trips, farmer's markets, coffee dates, football games, - the list goes on and on!

Buy It Here

October 07, 2014


Change Is Good.

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to the new t-615 blog. You might notice our site looks a little bit different these days, and there's a good reason for that. Big changes are underway for t-615, and we thought it was time our website reflected this exciting new direction our brand is taking. 



Let's start with the logo, shall we? When we started t-615, we chose a logo that reflected our aesthetic at the time -- simple, clean lines, with a kind of "Nashville meets Manhattan" vibe. It was perfect for us then, but after being in business for a year, we had some personal and professional revelations that inspired us to change the way we do business and the way we live our lives.

It all started when we read a book called Overdressed and learned more about the fast fashion industry and how harmful it is to our planet and the people (mostly women) who are tasked with making the vast majority of clothes imported to the US. While we were doing things as ethically as possible before, we realized that if we wanted to run our business in a way that truly aligned with our values, we would need to remove ourselves from the traditional clothing supply chain and start from scratch. Our thinking had to change. Our habits had to change. Our products had to change. 

We made a vow to ensure every step of our manufacturing process is totally traceable and ethical, down to the smallest detail. We are now tracing each item back to mother earth – the metals, the cotton, everything we sell. We want our buyers to know that our products are 100% clean, fair trade, handmade, and slave-free, from first sketch to last stitch. It’s more expensive to do things this way, but it’s right. And, if we may say so, all our hard work is really paying off: our new products are painstakingly handmade and beautifully crafted. We are proud to sell them, and we think you'll be proud to buy them (and wear them!), too.  

When you look at our logo now, you won't see those sleek, perfect lines anymore. You'll see a bold, fluid design, written by hand. You'll see emotion. You'll see personality. You'll see the effusive joy of imperfection. Hopefully, every time you see this logo, you'll also see a company you believe in, a company that is truly committed to making the world a better place. 

Another new development? This blog page. We'll be using our blog to update you every step of the way. We want to foster deeper connections not only with the people who make our clothes, but the people who buy them. Bookmark this page, and we'll keep you in the loop.

This new journey we're on is challenging, exciting, and more fulfilling than we could have ever imagined. We're honored to have you along for the ride.

September 10, 2014


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