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We exist to empower survivors of human trafficking through meaningful work and economic independence.


We hope each survivor will be inspired to rediscover the dreams she has lost and be motivated to go forth and pursue them. We seek to unite a collective of survivors and patrons who work together to advance the abolition of human trafficking.


Our survivors’ welfare and empowerment is our priority.

We seek to be kind in all that we do or say.

We choose to do the right thing, even when it requires sacrifice.

Cultivate Creativity and Encourage Risk.
We try new things and embrace failure as an opportunity, not a threat.

Consistent Quality.
We seek to keep our product consistently beautiful to the last detail.

Ethical Production.
We seek to be ethical in our production process. Whenever possible our materials are sourced locally or within the USA.

Branded Collective Areas of Impact

3 Areas of Impact

  • Awareness

    When you wear a BRANDED product you are an abolitionist. We invite you to look for ways to share the story and multiply the abolitionist community.
  • Professional Development

    We provide meaningful work and job skills training for survivors of human trafficking.
  • Economic Empowerment

    We seek to give each survivor the opportunity to pursue a thriving lifestyle of financial independence.

Our Story
Wear a Number to Restore a Name

The BRANDED Collective works with survivors of human trafficking from Nashville-based non-profit End Slavery Tennessee. BRANDED is an economic empowerment jobs program where the women handcraft the jewelry collection.

Many victims of human trafficking are BRANDED; their captors physically mark them with a number or symbol. The process is often violent: a forced tattoo, a burn or knife cut. The BRANDED Collective stands against this brutal practice. Each BRANDED item is stamped with an initial and a number. The initial belongs to the survivor who made your cuff. You can read her story on our website. The number is your unique number in the Collective. You can register this number and send a Message of Hope to our survivors.

When we started BRANDED in 2012, we stamped 100 numbers on 100 cuffs. We are now more than 48,000 numbers strong! We invite you to join our Collective. Together we can empower survivors of human trafficking to rise above the branding and the trauma they have been given. Together we can wear the story, share the story and change the story.

Branded Collective Our Story
Co-Founders Lauren Carpenter & Emily Mahoney

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